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(4) American DJ Element ST HEX, Gator G-LIGHTBAG-1911W Bundle

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Precio actual $1,528.99
American DJ Element ST HEX WiFLY Battery-Powered LED - Versatile Wireless Lighting Solution
The American DJ Element ST HEX WiFLY is a battery-powered LED PAR that offers exceptional versatility and portability for various lighting applications. Featuring four 6W HEX LEDs in red, green, blue, white, amber, and UV, this fixture provides a wide range of color mixing options for creating captivating lighting effects. Ideal for clubs, DJ setups, houses of worship, live stages, bands, and more, the Element Hex ST delivers impressive performance and convenience.

Equipped with built-in WiFLY technology, this LED PAR offers an extended wireless range of up to 2500 feet when used with ADJ's WiFLY EXR Battery Transceiver (sold separately). You can choose from five operational modes, including RGBAW+UV dimmer mode, sound-active mode, internal program mode, color macro mode, and DMX controlled mode, allowing for flexible control and customization of your lighting setup.

The Element Hex ST also features a menu-selectable language option (English or Spanish) and a user-friendly DMX menu touchscreen display, making operation smooth and intuitive. Its built-in tilt-adjustment leg enables you to angle the fixture while it's on the floor, offering additional lighting possibilities. With its energy-saving mode and flicker-free operation, you can confidently run the Element Hex ST all night without worrying about duty cycles or power consumption.

Included in the bundle is the Gator G-LIGHTBAG-1911W, a convenient carrying bag specially designed to protect and transport lighting fixtures like the Element Hex ST. Combining the power of the Element ST HEX WiFLY with the practicality of the Gator G-LIGHTBAG-1911W, this bundle offers a comprehensive lighting solution that delivers stunning effects and easy mobility for any event or performance.

Specifications / Key Features

- Battery-powered LED PAR with built-in WiFLY
- Four 6W HEX LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber, and UV)
- WiFLY EXR wireless DMX technology for extended range
- Five operational modes for versatile control options
- User-friendly DMX menu touchscreen display
- Variable RGBAW+UV color mixing for a wide color palette
- LED pulse and strobe effect with adjustable frequency
- Flicker-free operation with electronic dimming (0 to 100%)
- Energy-saving mode to extend battery life
- Carrying handle and snoot for easy portability and discreet setup
- Package includes Gator G-LIGHTBAG-1911W carrying bag for added convenience
- UPC: 818651027853

The American DJ Element ST HEX WiFLY Battery-Powered LED bundled with the Gator G-LIGHTBAG-1911W is a complete lighting package that guarantees impressive performance, flexible control, and easy transport, making it an excellent choice for lighting professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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