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Adam Audio A77H Horizontal 7" 340W Powered Active 3-Way Studio Monitor #12106600

Precio original $2,518.99
Precio original $2,518.99 - Precio original $2,518.99
Precio original $2,518.99
Precio actual $1,654.99
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Precio actual $1,654.99
An advanced successor to the A77X, the ADAM Audio A Series A77H is a true three-way midfield monitor that capitalizes on the latest technologies to deliver a rich, spacious and enveloping sound. Incorporating two 7" woofers, a midrange driver and ADAM Audios X-ART tweeter, the A77H delivers an ultrawide frequency range. The addition of the midrange driver helps produce clear sound in the most sensitive range of human hearing. Rotatable HPS waveguide technology and onboard DSP allow you to tune the sound for your precise requirements. With five models of varying dimensions and specifications to choose from, finding the right speaker is simply a matter of taste and understanding the acoustic requirements of your space. For added flexibility when it comes to speaker positioning, the rotatable HPS waveguide means each speaker can be used in a horizontal or vertical position with minimal compromise in sound quality. Room adaptation options directly on the backplate of the monitor help address common speaker placement issues such as bass overrepresentation caused by nearby walls and surfaces.
Superior audio performance Every aspect of the A series design, material and components contributes toward exceptional sound quality and improved output when comparing similar models of the preceding AX series. The combination of Class-D amplifiers used in A series woofers, and the Class-AB amplifiers found in the tweeters deliver impressive SPL across the range and an ultralow frequency response. The use of digital signal processing enables the more advanced features found in the A series. All A series speakers come equipped with an X-ART tweeter enclosed in a tailor made HPS waveguide. The high quality of the tweeter materials, folded by hand in Berlin, combined with the precise propagation control of the waveguide, results in superior dispersion of high frequencies over short and long listening distances. A series woofers are constructed from multiple layers of mineral stone fibers baked together to create a lightweight but highly stable material that helps eliminate partial vibrations and other sonic impurities. By combining that material with a new magnet system, A series woofers produce high output with low distortion, delivering a clean sound for low-end material. The elegant design of A series cabinets also contributes toward superior audio performance. Specifically, the cabinets have deeper beveling to minimize diffraction, and thicker baffle walls that reduce vibrations within the enclosure. In addition, a flared-port design reduces port noise compared with AX series speakers by optimizing airflow. Truthful mixing The A series features two selectable voicing options found directly on the back panel of the monitors. Pure is a highly accurate and neutral sounding option. This is a super flat setting, offering an honest representation from your speakers and making it ideal for mixing, mastering and critical listening applications. Sound with character The A series also offers the characterful and present sound you would expect from ADAM Audio. UNR or Uniform Natural Response is a dynamic, natural-sounding voicing that is selectable on the back panel of the monitors. Its design stems from a variety of iconic ADAM Audio legacy products, including the preceding AX series. It lends itself to production, composition and song writing as its engaging sound can give you more room for creativity and flow. It is also a great option whenever you want to use your speakers simply to enjoy some good music. Compensate for less-than-perfect acoustic space For many people, acoustic treatment is not an option due to the cost and complexity involved or because they use their speakers in a living room or bedroom. The A series offers several solutions to address poor room acoustics, from room adaptation equalization to deal with unavoidable nearby objects, to automated room correction available through the Sonarworks.


  • Tweeter: German Handmade Precision X-ART Tweeter with rotatable HPS waveguide
  • Midrange Driver: 3.5" DCH Midrange Driver
  • Woofers: 2 x 7" Woofer (Multi-Layer Mineral)
  • Cumulated Amp. Power Peak: 340 W
  • Frequency Response: Ultra-wide frequency range
  • Amplifiers: Class-D amplifiers for woofers, Class-AB amplifiers for tweeters
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP): Enables advanced features and tuning options
  • Room Adaptation: Options for addressing poor room acoustics and speaker placement issues
  • Selectable Voicing Options: Pure (neutral and accurate) and UNR (characterful and engaging) voicings
  • Cabinet Design: Deeper beveling, thicker baffle walls, flared-port design for minimized diffraction and vibrations
  • X-ART Tweeter: Tailor-made HPS waveguide for superior high-frequency dispersion
  • Woofers Construction: Multiple layers of mineral stone fibers for stability and low distortion

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