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Alesis COMMAND MESHKIT Electronic Drum Kit

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Precio actual $1,021.99
\Alesis has brought everything great about an electronic drumset to their Command Series. Featuring all mesh-heads, this kit is broken down into a 8" mesh kick with pedal, 10" dual-zone mesh snare, and three 8" dual-zone mesh toms. For cymbals, you have a 10" ride with choke, 10" crash with choke, and a 10" hi-hat with foot pedal. Commanding it all is the Command Advanced Drum Module, featuring 74 drum kits (54 Preset, 20 User Kits) with 671 sounds, you can also import your own sounds via a USB drive to customize the drum kit how you want it on your Command. The icing on the cake is the 60 play-along tracks and a built-in performance recording, giving you endless possibilities. The cherry, All of it mounts to a premium 4-post chrome rack with non-slip clamps, providing a durable post while also being easy to set up and move around. Featuring Built-in Sounds, Importing Capabilities, and more: Beside the pads, the most important part of an electronic drum kit are the sounds. The fact that the Command Mesh Kit comes with 74 drum kits and 671 sounds, you have endless possibilities to expanding your creativity.
A built-in metronome is included so you can sharpen your timing and the 1/8-inch Aux input lets you play along to your favorite tracks with a audio player device, in addition to the 60 play-along tracks built-in. Let it be heard through the stereo pair of 1/4-inch outputs, headphone output, and a USB-MIDI output so that you can trigger your favorite VST plugins. Import your own WAV. Samples: While also being able to import your own sounds with a USB drive, you have endless possibilities to what you can achieve! Throw your favorite WAV. samples on to a USB memory stick and load then right to the Command Module via the USB port. Once loaded, assign each sample to a zone available per a pad, and enjoy! WAV. play-along tracks can also be imported the same way, letting you trigger backing tracks and more. Dual Zone Mesh Pads and Cymbal Choke Capabilities: The Alesis Command Mesh Kit features all mesh-heads, an 8" mesh kick with pedal, 10" dual-zone mesh snare, and three 8" dual-zone mesh toms. All of these, except for the kick, are dual zone, allowing for a more realistic playing experience, sidestick on the snare drum or play the rims for a creative pattern. The possibilities are endless and for additional dynamic control, The crash and Ride allow you to choke the cymbal which acts the same way when you choke an acoustic cymbal.
Features: All tightly-woven mesh drum heads for superior playing response (3) 8" dual-zone mesh toms, and 8" mesh kick pad, and a 10" dual-zone mesh snare drumKick drum pedal included (3) 10" cymbals: ride cymbal and crash w/choke, and hi-hatCommand Advanced Drum Module with 74 kits and 671 soundsLoad your own WAV files and MP3 play-along tracks via USB thumb driveRecord yourself playing in real-time (5 tracks internally, up to 99 tracks with USB thumb drive)USB/MIDI connection to use your favorite recording software or sound librariesPremium 4-post chrome rack w/non-slip clampsAll connection cables, drum key, drum sticks, and power supply included.

Weight : 65.85 Date First Available : September 23, 2022

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