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American DJ AV2X High Resolution 2.97mm Pixel Pitch 3-in-1 RGB LED Video Panel

Precio original $2,441.99
Precio original $2,441.99 - Precio original $2,441.99
Precio original $2,441.99
Precio actual $1,604.99
$1,604.99 - $1,604.99
Precio actual $1,604.99
The American DJ AV2X is a high-resolution, flexible LED video panel designed for indoor use. With a pixel pitch of 2.97 mm and a 3-in-1 RGB SMD2121 LED configuration, this panel delivers impressive brightness of 1000 NITS. It features moveable corner protectors to safeguard the corners during transport and setup. The AV2X can be curved in convex or concave shapes up to +/-5°, offering versatility in creating unique video displays.

Each AV2X panel consists of 4 modular LED panels, making it easy to replace video modules if needed. The panel connections include powerCon In/Out and Ethercon In/Out, ensuring reliable power and data connections. The panel is equipped with a Novastar A5s receiving card for seamless video processing. ADJ offers full packages with video processors, software, cabling, rigging bars, and flight cases, providing everything you need to set up a complete video display solution.

With a wide viewing angle of 160° and a pixel pitch of 2.97 mm, the AV2X delivers a high resolution of 112,896 dots/m2, making it perfect for detailed indoor video presentations. It features adjustable brightness from 0-100%, allowing you to customize the intensity of the screen for various indoor applications. The AV2X is designed for easy power and signal daisy-chaining, allowing multiple panels to be linked together effortlessly. With ADJ's range of video processors, you can convert standard video signals (HDMI, DVI, VGA, etc.) for seamless integration with the AV2X LED video panels, making it a powerful and versatile video solution for your show or event.

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