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American DJ Mega Go Par 64 Plus

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The American DJ Mega GO Par64 Plus represents a significant advancement in par-style wash lighting technology, combining three key innovations that enhance its versatility and performance. First and foremost, the fixture utilizes powerful LEDs to deliver bright and vibrant colored light while consuming minimal power and generating less heat compared to traditional lamps. Additionally, the inclusion of affordable high-capacity rechargeable batteries allows the Mega GO Par64 Plus to operate cordlessly, making it ideal for use in any location without being restricted by power outlets. Finally, the fixture incorporates UV LEDs, enabling it to produce retro glowing effects and expand the color palette to include rich purples and electric pinks, providing endless creative possibilities for lighting designers and entertainers alike.

The Mega GO Par64 Plus boasts an impressive array of 172 10mm LEDs, comprising 56 Red, 60 Green, and 56 Blue, allowing for potent primary color washes and full RGB mixing to create a wide range of mixed colors and shades. Additionally, a single high-power 3W UV LED is strategically placed at the center of the 10mm LEDs, enabling captivating black-light effects and further expanding the color-mixing capabilities of the fixture. This compact and lightweight unit is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, providing up to 4.5 hours of continuous light output at full intensity, offering flexibility and portability for various applications, even in venues without access to power sockets. A quick four-hour charge is all that's needed to replenish the battery to its full capacity after use.

The Mega GO Par64 Plus also features IEC power input and output sockets, facilitating the daisy-chaining of multiple fixtures for charging convenience or extended periods of continuous operation beyond the battery's duration. The unit's dual yoke system offers flexibility in rigging, allowing it to be hung from a truss or lighting stand or placed directly on the floor for up-lighting or as a stage footlight. The yoke's angle can be easily adjusted and securely locked into place using thumb-tightening plastic knobs, while rubber feet on the rear side enable the fixture to rest directly on the floor for quick upward-facing wall-washing.

Control options for the Mega GO Par64 Plus are comprehensive, catering to both simple static-color up-lighting and integration into a full DMX-controlled light show. The fixture comes with 64 preset color macros, conveniently selectable through the onboard 4-digit LED display screen with four push buttons. For specific lighting washes in custom colors, the RGB+UV Dimmer mode can be accessed directly via the LED display, providing users with additional creative control over their lighting effects.


  • 172 10mm, 0.07W LEDs (56 Red, 60 Green, 56 Blue) for vibrant color washes
  • Single high-power 3W UV LED for black-light effects and extended color mixing
  • IP-rated for outdoor use, making it safe from rain, snow, and dust
  • Rechargeable lithium battery offering up to 4.5 hours of continuous use
  • PowerCON True 1 IP-rated power connections for easy daisy-chaining and charging
  • 30-degree beam angle for versatile illumination
  • Dual yoke system for flexible rigging options
  • 64 preset color macros and RGB+UV Dimmer mode for intuitive control
  • Rubber feet for quick floor placement without the need for the yoke
  • Suitable for up-lighting, stage lighting, and various other applications in event production and entertainment venues.

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