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American DJ Starburst

Precio original $631.99
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Precio original $631.99
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Precio actual $415.99

The American DJ Starburst is a dynamic LED effect light featuring five 15W HEX (RGBWA+Purple) LEDs, offering an extensive range of colors and captivating effects to mesmerize your audience. Its sharp and intense beams of light bounce and rotate to the rhythm of the music, creating a stunning visual spectacle. With the 5 HEX-LEDs, you have access to a wider pallet of colors than ever before, providing you with ample creative possibilities to craft unique and attention-grabbing lighting displays.

Key Features

  • Five 15W RGBAW+UV (red, green, blue, white, amber, and UV) HEX-LEDs
  • 3-pin DMX connectors for easy setup
  • Standalone operation or Master/Slave configuration
  • 3 operational modes: Auto Run, Sound Active, and DMX control
  • Auto sound active mode with color, rotation, and speed control via DMX, adding versatility to your lighting control options.

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