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CHAUVET Professional Ovation E-160WW 88W LED Ellipsoidal Spotlight Gobo

Precio original $2,267.99
Precio original $2,267.99 - Precio original $2,267.99
Precio original $2,267.99
Precio actual $1,490.99
$1,490.99 - $1,490.99
Precio actual $1,490.99
The Chauvet Ovation E-160WW ellipsoidal light is an energy-saving wonder with an output that rivals a tungsten 575 W light source, yet draws less than 100W of power. Dimming is extremely smooth, down to the very bottom of the curve. This high-quality spotlight projects a flat and even field of light for superior gobo projection. Thanks to its convection-cooled design, the Ovation E-160WW operates in total silence without the aid of a cooling fan, making it perfect for intimate settings such as small theaters and studios. Chauvet built the Ovation E-160WW tough to withstand rigorous professional use, so you can count on reliable performance night after night.

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