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Natal Drums Cafe Racer Traditional Jazz 3-Piece Shell Pack with 18 in. Bass Drum Oxblood Red Hot Rod Suede

Precio original $2,133.99
Precio original $2,133.99 - Precio original $2,133.99
Precio original $2,133.99
Precio actual $1,401.99
$1,401.99 - $1,401.99
Precio actual $1,401.99
The Café Racer’s high quality lacquer finishes recall classic speedsters and vintage drums sure to turn the eyes and ears of everyone on the other side of your bass drum. Café Racer’s tulip shell is dry and focused with the perfect amount of warmth and projection for any mic’d or unmic’d performance—gig to gig, stage to studio or café to café. Café Racer is the Tulipwood version of the Natal Original and the bestselling drum set in Natal’s US history. NRM isolation tom mounts, 2.3 mm steel hoops, lacquer sparkle finishes, Natal Sun lugs, and amazing buttery tone set these drums apart from all others. These drums have a wide tuning range and are wildly adaptive to any situation, all staying close to 20% less than maple.

Date First Available : February 26, 2021

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