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Pearl Midtown Series 4-Piece Shell Pack Black Gold Sparkle

Precio original $1,401.99
Precio original $1,401.99 - Precio original $1,401.99
Precio original $1,401.99
Precio actual $921.99
$921.99 - $921.99
Precio actual $921.99
At home on the street or on stage, Pearl’s Midtown Kit is vital for the gigging drummer in the metropolitan groove. These drums are built on a foundation of 6-ply, 7.5 mm poplar shells for softer mids and highs and a full low end. The drum hardware offers 1.6 mm triple-flange hoops for crisp rimshots, Pearl OptiLoc suspension for enhanced tom resonance and a pedal lift for optimal kick beater positioning. Matching wood hoops gives the kick drum a classic contrast against the drum wrap. The drums are also fitted with Remo heads. The Midtown's compact size makes it ideal for tight spaces, and quickly breaks down into an optional two gig bag set for quick transport. This portable shell pack costs less than many snare drums. Cymbals and hardware sold separately.

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