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Projector Screen with Stand: 120 inch Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen Fordable & Wrinkle-Free Outdoor Movie Screen with Carry Bag for Home Theater Camping and Recreational Events

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Projector Screen With Stand: 120-inch Portable Projection Screen

Experience high-quality projection with our 120-inch portable projection screen. Crafted from premium polyester and spandex material, this projection screen ensures sharp and high-resolution images, supporting both Front and Rear projection for versatile use.

Upgrade your movie nights, presentations, and events with our 120-inch portable projection screen. This screen is crafted from high-quality polyester and spandex material, ensuring sharp and high-resolution images for a stunning viewing experience.

With its anti-crease and high absorbance properties, you can fold or crush the screen without worrying about wrinkles affecting your projection quality. The thicken and smooth design further enhances image clarity and brightness.

Whether you prefer front or rear projection, our screen supports both options, giving you the flexibility to set up your projector as needed. The package also includes a photography weight sandbag, made from premium nylon, to stabilize your backdrop support system.

Please note that the weight sandbag comes empty, allowing you to fill it with gravel or any other material of your choice for added stability. Transform any space into a captivating projection area with our 120-inch portable projection screen. Enjoy movie nights, presentations, and more with impeccable picture quality.



  • Size: 120 inches (diagonal)
  • Material: High-quality polyester & spandex
  • Front & Rear Projection: Supports both front and rear projection for flexibility in setup
  • Anti-Crease and High Absorbance: The natural polyester fabric ensures sharp and bright images with no wrinkles when folded or crushed
  • Thicken and Smooth: The outdoor projector screen is designed to be thicker and smoother for optimal display
  • Photography Weight Sandbag: Included for stabilizing the backdrop support system; made from premium quality nylon (Please note: the bag comes empty, you can fill it with gravel or any other material to add weight)

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