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Samson's R21S Dynamic Microphone brings great sound and versatility to a variety of vocal miking applications. Perfect for live vocal performances, presentations and more, the R21S is engineered to the finest detail to provide any performance with exceptional sound reproduction and accuracy.

The heart of the R21S's performance stems from its shock mounted mic element. Offering high gain output and a low impedance design, the capsule also features a cardioid pickup pattern. This enables the R21S to pick up all the nuances of any performance with exceptional clarity and detail, while reducing feedback and unwanted signals.

The R21S offers a frequency response of 80Hz-12kHz, which is ideal for vocal and presentation applications. Also equipped to withstand high sound pressure levels, the mic produces vocals that sound huge and crystal clear. This makes the R21S a versatile tool in recording settings as well.

The R21S features a convenient on/off switch, as well as an XLR to 1/4-inch mic cable. For added versatility, a mic clip is also included.


Ideal for vocals and presentations

Shock mounted mic element

Cardioid pickup pattern

High gain output, low impedance design

80Hz-12kHz frequency response

On/Off switch

XLR to 1/4-inch mic cable

Mic clip included