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  • Width: 1,18" (2,5 cm)
  • Adjustable Length: 42,52"(108 cm) - 64,17" (163 cm)
  • Material: No leather
  • Color: Brown

Classical acoustic guitars are not equipped with strap pins. However, RightOn! offers several straps designs specifically for these guitars. Each strap consists of an open loop that passes over one shoulder and under the opposite arm (usually the right arm for a right-handed guitarist). At the end of each part of the line is a hook. Carry the cline behind and under the guitar at your waist, and up again at the front to the mouth of the guitar. Hook the hooks as shown in the picture bellow, allowing the guitar to rest on them. Note that when using a classical guitar strap on a classical guitar, with this type of strap, the player can release his hands and the instrument is attached to the musician's body.

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classical dual strap