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Tape Fluorescent Green Clean Removable Adhesive Tape | Console Tape for Light Control Board DJ Mixing Board Audio Mixer

Precio original $71.99
Precio original $71.99 - Precio original $71.99
Precio original $71.99
Precio actual $47.99
$47.99 - $47.99
Precio actual $47.99

Experience the best in label tape with our professionally designed product, ensuring dynamic usage options. This tough and tear-resistant white label tape is perfect for various applications, from DJ mixers and sound board mixers to lighting boards, keyboards, toolboxes, and more. Say goodbye to uneven and frayed edges; our tape tears off cleanly when needed, making it hassle-free.

Crafted from flatback paper and synthetic rubber, our adhesive tape guarantees clean removal without leaving any sticky residue behind. Enjoy the convenience of easy cleanup for art crafts, general projects around the house, or any equipment labeling needs. Rest assured, our label tape is proudly made in the USA, delivering superior manufacturing integrity at every level.

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