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Universal Audio SOLO/610 - Classic Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamplifier and DI Box + Audio-Technica Consumer ATH-M50xBT Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

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Precio actual $1,553.99

The Universal Audio SOLO/610 is a classic vacuum tube microphone preamplifier and DI box that brings the renowned Putnam 610 console sound to a single-channel format. With its all-tube design, this preamp delivers the vintage warmth and character of the original UA 610 console, famously used by artists like Sinatra and Van Halen. It features Gain and Level controls, providing a wide range of tonal shaping options from clean to colored tones. The Gain control offers an extended range for precise gain structuring and can also function as an input signal pad.

The SOLO/610 offers both microphone and DI inputs, making it versatile for various recording applications. It includes essential features such as 48V phantom power, low cut filtering, and phase reverse, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of microphones. Additionally, it provides flexible dual impedance selection for both the microphone and DI inputs. The unit's rugged steel chassis and portable design allow it to be used in the studio, on stage, or on a desktop, providing convenience and versatility.

In combination with the Universal Audio SOLO/610, the Audio-Technica Consumer ATH-M50xBT wireless over-ear headphones offer high-fidelity audio performance with the freedom of wireless connectivity. These headphones are equipped with large-aperture drivers and sound-isolating earcups, delivering exceptional clarity, deep bass, and accurate audio reproduction. The over-ear design provides comfort for extended listening sessions, while the built-in controls and microphone allow for easy handling of calls and music playback. The ATH-M50xBT headphones provide both wired and wireless listening options, making them suitable for studio monitoring, mixing, and everyday listening.

Specifications for Universal Audio SOLO/610

  • Classic Putnam 610 console microphone preamplifier and DI box
  • All-tube design for vintage warmth and character
  • Gain and Level controls for tonal shaping
  • Extended Gain control range for precise gain structuring and input signal padding
  • Portable and rugged steel chassis for studio, desktop, or stage use
  • DI features include Thru and Mic/Line level output
  • 48V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Low cut filtering and phase reverse functions
  • Flexible dual impedance selection for microphone and DI inputs

Specifications for Audio-Technica Consumer ATH-M50xBT

  • Over-ear wireless headphones with high-fidelity audio performance
  • Large-aperture drivers for accurate audio reproduction and deep bass
  • Sound-isolating earcups for enhanced clarity and isolation
  • Comfortable design for extended listening sessions
  • Built-in controls and microphone for handling calls and music playback
  • Wired and wireless listening options for versatile usage
  • Suitable for studio monitoring, mixing, and everyday listening.

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