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USB Microphone Kit Cardioid Condenser Microphone Kit with 192KHZ24Bit Studio Mic Sound Chipset Scissor Arm Plug Play Recording Microphone for PC Gaming Streaming Podcasting YouTube

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Capture Broadcast-Quality Sound: Immerse yourself in broadcast-quality sound with this professional streaming microphone. Boasting a high sample rate of 192kHz/24Bit and a wide frequency response range of 100Hz-18KHz, every detail of your audio is precisely reproduced, delivering clean and crisp sound without any muffled tones. The 16mm large diaphragm enhances sensitivity, ensuring your voice is heard louder and clearer even at the same recording distance.

Block out Disruptive Noise: Say goodbye to background noise and focus on your voice with the cardioid pickup pattern of this streaming mic. It efficiently screens out unwanted noise from the surroundings while capturing sound sources directly in front, resulting in a more focused and full-bodied audio recording. The double-layered pop filter and foam windscreen work together to minimize plosive sounds and wind interference, enhancing the overall audio quality of your recordings.

Solid Mount to Your Desktop: Enjoy a stable and secure connection with your desktop thanks to the reinforced C-clamp of this streaming microphone. Its robust build ensures a solid mounting, while the boom arm is adjustable with tensioning knobs, allowing you to position the studio microphone exactly where you want it without worrying about unwanted falling. Assembling the microphone setup is quick and easy, taking just 10 minutes to get you up and running.


  • Sample Rate: 192kHz/24Bit
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz-18KHz
  • Diaphragm Size: 16mm
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Sensitivity: Higher than other mics
  • Accessories: Double-layered pop filter, Foam windscreen
  • Mounting: Reinforced C-clamp, Adjustable boom arm with tensioning knobs

Package Contents

  1. Professional Streaming Microphone
  2. Reinforced C-clamp
  3. Adjustable Boom Arm
  4. Double-layered Pop Filter
  5. Foam Windscreen
  6. Assembly Instructions

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