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AirTurn TAP Bluetooth Trigger Page Turner MIDI DAW App Controller for Drummers

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Product Description

Use a wireless trigger to improve your performance! The TAP features Piezo-operation padded switches which deliver a fast and reliable response and allows you to: read music & scroll lyrics; trigger backing tracks & effects; customize DAW and MIDI control; capture video & photos; and more. An excellent choice for drummers & percussionists!

Features of all AirTurn Wireless Controller products include:

• Bluetooth 4 for iOS, Android, Windows 10, Mac

• Long life rechargeable battery 150+ hours

• Industry leading range 150+ ft

• Fully customizable switches with AirTurn Manager App

• Six default modes for Keystroke and MIDI commands

• Two pairing methods for solo or group performance

• Virtually indestructible construction: Made in USA

• Over-the-air updates

• 2-Year Warranty (with registration)


  • ENDLESS APPS: Hundreds of compatible apps for triggering backing tracks and effects, controlling metronomes, sending MIDI commands, cueing audio and lighting, capturing photo and video, turning pages, teleprompting, reading music, scrolling lyrics and tabs, plus so much more!
  • CUSTOMIZE: Create commands for almost any app that responds to keystrokes, macros, mouse clicks, or MIDI with the free AirTurn Manager. Adjust features such as Auto-Repeat, Idle Time, Low Power or Fast Response Mode, and Debounce. Select switch types such as Momentary, Latching, Pulse, or Command.
  • VERSATILE: Mounts to 1" diameter poles using a side mount clamp.
  • INNOVATIVE: Piezo-operated padded switches deliver a fast and reliable response.
  • COMMITMENT: 2-year coverage with product registration (includes battery).


Details: The AirTurn TAP is a simple solution for drummers who need an extra hand. With just a tap from a finger or drum stick, TAP provides instant control for easy-to-use page turning and events. Trying to flip through pages while playing the drums can prove to be a challenging task, but TAP gives you the ability to turn pages, toggle backing tracks, trigger metronomes and more. The AirTurn TAP is the hands-free and feet-free way to keep the beat going. AirTurn, Inc. is the only authorized seller of this product on Amazon.

Package Dimensions: 9.4 x 7.4 x 2.8 inches

Languages: English