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ProAm Orion DVC200 8' Camera Crane/Jib

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Lightweight and sturdy 6061 aircraft aluminum constructionGains 5ft (152cm) from the tripod or support and up to 11ft from the ground when attached to a large tripodConvertible design allows 4' extension to be added laterQuickly mounts to standard tripod heads using 1/4" x 20 threads. Does not require removal of the headCamera can tilt independent of the crane itselfOperate with one hand using auto-tilt mode. Simply remove one pin to enable manual tilting of the camera8' crane breaks down into two 4' sections in secondsWeights can be easily added for counterbalance (not included)Get shots from below or overhead subjectCrane supports up to 8 lbs. (3.6kg)Smooth effortless motions on three axis with built in stainless steel bearingsLCD monitor can be easily added to view live footage

The ProAm Orion DVC200 8' Camera Crane/Jib is one of the most popular cranes available and with good reason. Allowing filmmakers and videographers the ability to easily create Hollywood-quality jib shots that can't be done with a handheld camera, this crane helps create smooth, dynamic shots that increase production value. The "crane shot" is one of Hollywood's favorites. The problem is that it's difficult to reproduce without a large Hollywood film production budget. That's all changing with the ProAm USA Orion DVC200 Camera Crane / Jib, a ProAm Camera Crane that demonstrates just how smooth a moving shot you can achieve at home or in your video business. This ProAm USA Jib is so light and versatile that you'll want to make it an immediate part of your standard equipment whether you're shooting wedding videos in a church, commercials on location, music videos in your studio or sporting events in a stadium.Why is this specific ProAm USA Camera Crane needed in order to produce quality shots for filmmakers and videographers all over the world? Put quite simply, this is the most affordable camera jib that can achieve a level of smoothness that is impossible to reproduce with shoddy equipment; it's certainly impossible to achieve with a hand-held DSLR or DV camera. It's the rare video camera crane that achieves this smoothness of movement while still being inexpensive and light enough to pack every time you have camera work. Because the ProAm camera crane comes pre-assembled, you'll find it easy to set-up every time you put this camera crane away for your latest video project. And since you can attach any digital video camera or HD DSLR that you're already using to this video camera jib, you'll be able to start using it right away; you may even be able to get new crane shots for that project you're currently working on. The speed of set-up and ease of use allow it to immediately integrate into your projects seamlessly. There's nothing that makes for a camera shot quite as exciting as a camera crane. You'll be able to execute smooth pans, zoom-ins and dolly-style shots with the professionalism of a Hollywood studio; but at the price of under $300, you won't need the contract of an A-list Hollywood producer in order to secure its services for your next video shoot. What would you do without a ProAm camera crane? In many cases, you'd be stuck with hand-held shots or boring fixed tripod shots. These shots certainly have their role in videos, but they lack the unique look of professionalism that true camera equipment like the crane is able to provide. You could also rig a number of other attempts at a home-made crane effect, but these can be difficult to manage without the capabilities of quality equipment.

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