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Professional Office Chair

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Product Features

1. 60mm PU silent caster, low moving noise, passed 100,000 tests.

The five-star foot is formed by die casting at one time, and the static pressure test is above 1500KG, which is higher than the BIFMA test standard.

2. The lumbar support can be adjusted up and down, adjusted to a position suitable for the lumbar spine, to support the lumbar pressure.

3. Material: steel plate, the chassis has a three-speed locking function, the working state keeps the back straight, and the rest state can be locked backwards.

4. The seat is 32-density native high-elastic sponge, and it is not deformed after 300,000 times of stamping durability test. The width of the seat cushion is 50CM, and the depth is 49CM. It is ergonomically designed.

5. The curved headrest design fits the curve of the cervical spine; it can be adjusted up and down, suitable for people of different heights (optional Xipi or mesh headrest).

6. DuPont PA plus glass fiber injection molding back frame, seat shell and headrest have passed BIFMA test.

7. T-shaped fixed handrail, passed BIFMA test.

8. High-quality mesh, strong tensile, abrasion resistance, breathability, anti-static performance, excellent color and labor resistance

9. The width of the back frame and the high back chair is 50CM, which meets the BIFMA5.1 test standard.

10. The headrest can be adjusted up and down. The whole chair body can be rotated 360°, and the whole chair body can be adjusted up and down.


Product Details

Colour: Black

Material: black PA nylon + glass fiber injection molding parts

      SGS certified three-level black air pressure bar

      φ60 black PU silent wheel

      Native high-elastic sponge

      Lock the chassis in place

      T-shaped fixed armrest: Independent research and development design, widening the armrest surface by 8CM, better supporting arm, the market standard is 5-7CM

      Huayu professional mesh fabric facing: tensile strength, strong color fastness, no ball rubbing, washable color reaches 4-5. 

      Density: 95km; the conventional market is 60-80km

      340# black nylon feet: It is a good material that replaces steel, iron, copper and other metals with plastic, non-toxic, light weight, and excellent mechanical strength


Product size: 68.5 * 64 * 124.5 CM

Seat size: 49 * 51 CM

Chair height: adjustable between 114.5 and 124.5 cm

Seat height: 43-53 CM

Net weight: 15.1 KG

Bearing weight: 125 KG

Packing size: 71 * 30 * 64 CM

Gross weight: 16.8 KG

Package IncludeChair *1pc, accessories *1set, Instruction for Installation *1



1. A chair (need to be assembled)/box packaging;

2. All accessories are individually packed/boxed sequentially;

3. Protection inside the package: 5mm partition paper, bubble bag (completely wrapped accessories), plastic bag, sponge tube.