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Rattan Artist Series: Drew Tucker / Medium Vibraphone Mallets - Pink Yarn, Innovative Mallets

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Product Description

Inspired by the sound and look of a classic vibraphone mallet, the DT1 is built for today's modern vibraphone performer. The extended length rattan shaft allows the performer to look and sound like a traditional vibraphone player, while performing with four mallets and a wider array of techniques. The special Pink blended yarn creates a warm tone off the instrument with great clarity for solo and ensemble settings. The unique synthetic core provides an expressive sound throughout the entire range of the instrument. If you're looking for a traditional sound with a contemporary twist, then the DT1 Drew Tucker signature vibraphone mallet is just for you.


Rattan Shaft

Pink Blended Yarn

White Circle Stitching

Unique Large Synthetic Core

15-1/2 inch Total Length