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Product Description

Designed for Performance and Clarity, by a Microphone Company

Decades of expertise developing studio-recording microphones is baked right into the MXL AC-360-Z V2. Twelve internal microphone capsules, divided into four quadrants, ensure 360-degrees of perfect speech intelligibility within a 25-ft radius, without reliance on any additional equipment.

Built for Reliability and Enhanced Durability

Solid, all-metal construction and a reinforced frame give the AC-360-Z V2 extra durability for shared office environments. The included locking DC power supply ensures that the AC-360-Z V2 won't get accidently unplugged during important meetings.

Designed for use in corporate communication settings like group web conferencing rooms, huddle rooms, meeting rooms, and more

Multiple AC-360-Z V2s can be linked together to cover large areas

12 internal capsules for full 360-degree audio pickup

25-foot audio range

USB-C, 3.0, and 2.0 power and signal

Simple plug-and-play connectivity, no drivers required